As one of the leading healthcare services providers in the MENA region, Burjeel Holdings acknowledges the influence of environmental factors on public health. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet and a more resilient healthcare system. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with Oxford Saïd, one of Europe’s leading business schools, which is committed to giving future business leaders the tools and knowledge to innovate in creating a better, safer, cleaner world. This collaborative effort has led us to launch a global competition, inviting today’s educators and tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers to work together to safeguard life on our planet.

We want to inspire high school students and teachers across the world to bring their innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills, in generating unique solutions to tackle this crisis, whether at a local, national or global level. In their entries, we are asking entrants to respond to one of five key climate change challenges: air pollution, extreme weather events, food security, the spread of disease carried by insects, and water scarcity.

The last date for entries is October 15.

For more details and to apply, click here