Which banks can I subscribe for shares through?

For eligible First Tranche investors, First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC has been appointed as the lead receiving bank.  

For eligible Second Tranche investors, orders have to be submitted through the Lead Manager, Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC. 

  • Eligible Investors can place orders with the Lead Manager using the subscription form or the link sent by the Lead Manager. 
  • The Lead Manager will collect the Order Forms accompanying documents, Eligible Investor’s NIN, and funds from Eligible Investors and share the orders details to the Lead Receiving Bank during the subscription period.  
  • Allocation will be decided by the Company in accordance with the Allocation Policy set out in this Prospectus and communicated to the Lead Receiving Bank. 
  • The Lead Manager, will collect the funds, as required, from each Eligible Investor who has placed an order during the Subscription Period. 
  • Once the allocation of shares has been finalised and communicated to the Lead Manager for the subscription orders received by them, the Lead Manager will transfer the allocated capital funds to the Lead Receiving Bank as a single payment.