Investment Highlights

Burjeel Holdings is a leading private healthcare services provider in MENA with a compelling growth story, operating the largest private healthcare network in the UAE by bed count. Operating a network of hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies and other assets, we have significant utilization headroom across our assets and are focused on growing in areas of high-yield highly complex care. We are equally focused on leveraging and enabling the strength of our unique multi-brand portfolio, ensuring the strength of our network benefits all of our assets. With plans to grow our network in new markets, we are well positioned to unlock organic value while exploring strategically aligned inorganic expansion opportunities.


Established leader in large, growing and resilient addressable market

  • The largest private healthcare network in the UAE by bed count (1,660 beds) and private inpatient market share (19% in 2022)
  • The UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia healthcare market represents a USD 69bn opportunity as of 2021, which is set to increase by a further 1.9x by 2031

Well-invested multi-brand network covering the full socio-economic spectrum

  • A portfolio of four well-known brands targeting the entire socio-economic spectrum, and creating a favourable negotiating position with insurance payers
  • Well invested network (AED 4.3bn total capex from inception) spanning 67 medical assets, including hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies
  • Strong investment in manpower has seen our team of clinically skilled and board-certified doctors grow by 53% since 2019 to 1,444 doctors

High-growth asset mix with significant utilization runway

  • Significant utilization headroom (56% bed occupancy) across a solid mid-high growth asset mix (80%)  with a focus on increasing utilization in areas of high-yielding complex care
  • Strong opportunity to ramp up utilization with superior patient yields at Burjeel Medical City

World-class super-specialty care offering driving patient yields

  • First mover and leading center in UAE for complex care, with transplant medicine, complex surgery, advanced oncology and other complex segments driving its patient yields growth (+9% ARR CAGR 2019-22)
  • Investing in healthcare partnerships to expand our complex service offering in the UAE in conjunction with internationally renowned providers

Accelerating digitization to drive operational and medical excellence

  • Digital health and digital transformation are key areas of investment across our network to optimize patient experience and maximize operational efficiencies
  • Our recently launched Patient Digital Channel continues to gain traction and now has  13% of total appointments

Expanding geographically through high-return and low-capex opportunities

  • Entry to high potential KSA market by introducing several low-capex, high-demand and locally-tailored healthcare products
  • Solid mid-term pipeline of completely de-risked and zero-capex public partnerships across MENA provides a huge bottom-line upside
  • Continued expanding our UAE healthcare infrastructure through adding 80 new in-demand specialized inpatient beds and five new medical centers in 2023

Cash-generative business model committed to delivering consistent shareholder return

  • Track record of strong financial performance and consistent growth, driven by the ramp-up of newly launched assets and supported by a focus on treating a higher-yielding patient mix in addition to cost optimization
  • Revenue CAGR of 17% over the past four years (FY 19-22), with impressive EBITDA CAGR (FY 19-22) of 28% and EBITDA margin expansion to 22% in FY 22
  • Robust margin expansion drivers coupled with compelling asset economics and strict capital discipline resulted in strong free cash flow generation capabilities (50% for H1 23)

Seasoned leadership team enabling aspirational ESG improvements

  • High quality management team with a wealth of industry experience (190+ total years’ experience) and a board that is 70% composed of independent non-executive directors
  • ESG principles serve as a fundamental foundation for sustainable growth and a crucial enabler of excellent patient outcomes, shareholder value and partnerships, opening potential commercial opportunities
  • Strong commitment to developing and implementing our long-term ESG strategy along with onboarding ESG ratings