The Stories That Matter

Saving the Life of a 3-year-old with Thalassemia Major

We continue our commitment to preventing, treating, and curing pediatric thalassemia to ensure that all children have a chance to experience a brighter and healthier future. A new success story emerges as our integrated Bone Marrow Transplant Unit has yet again saved the life of a young warrior, Ahmed, a 3-year-old boy suffering from Thalassemia Major since birth. Thanks to the efforts of our distinguished medical team, he will be completely cured of the disease and will live his childhood happily.

First Bone Marrow Transplant in UAE

Burjeel Medical City’s bone marrow transplant unit has successfully performed the very first bone marrow transplant from a donor to a child in the UAE. The highly advanced, matched sibling transplant treatment was successfully carried out on a five-year-old girl from Uganda, with the donor being her 10-year-old sister.

Advanced Gene Replacement Therapy

Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, has successfully administered advanced gene replacement therapy, in an effort to save the lives of seven-month-old Emirati twins. With the gracious support of the government and leaders of the UAE, the therapy has been carried out on the twins diagnosed with a rare and most severe form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type 1 (SMA1), a highly fatal disease.