Do sunscreen creams really protect us from harmful rays of the sun?

Gulf News Report

Dubai: Are sunscreens a mere fashionable cosmetic investment or are they absolutely essential to protect oneself from the summer heat? 

The moot point is, whether sunblock creams really do what they are fundamentally meant to, that is: Protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, or are their role overhyped? 

Dermatologists globally agree that every individual must wear a good sunscreen, not just to protect oneself from the heat, but also to minimise the obvious signs of ageing and keeping skin cancer away. Dermatologists advise that one should use a good sunscreen to ensure protection from exposure to sun. 

Can sunscreen really help?

The best way to avoid sunburns and sun exposure, say experts, is to wear an effective sunblock. So what’s the science behind sunscreens? 

Dr Mona Ragab Mohammed Elmeligy, specialist dermatologist at Tajmeel Royal Clinic, Dubai, explains: “In the UAE and this region, everyone must use a sunblock or sunscreen cream when stepping out to prevent skin damage,” said Dr Elmeligy. She continued: “The ultraviolet rays of the sun — both, the A and B variety — have a damaging effect on the skin. While UVA can cause premature ageing with damage to the skin surface, UVB can cause deep sunburns and lesions on the skin that can turn out to be malignant. People must use sunblock every two to three hours and use enough cream to cover the entire surface of the face and other parts of the body that are exposed to sun.”

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