A Melodic Tribute to Zayed’s Children: AR Rahman’s Firdaus Orchestra Lifts Hearts on UAE National Day  

The Academy Award-winning musician announced his upcoming song for the UAE during a musical performance at Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Medical City.  

Abu Dhabi: In a celebration of UAE National Day that transcended borders and captivated hearts, in the presence of legendary Academy Award-winner A.R. Rahman, Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Medical City (BMC) transformed into a realm of hope and inspiration through music. The enchanting melodies of Mr. Rahman’s Firdaus Orchestra, an all-women orchestra of 52 members from 29 nationalities, filled the air. Mentored by Mr. Rahman and supported by Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, the Orchestra is conducted by Monica Woodman. 

A groundbreaking ensemble comprising the Firdaus Orchestra and 50 others echoed through the corridors of the hospital during an event titled ‘Singing for the Children of Zayed’. The event paid homage to the teachings of the UAE’s Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, who spoke about the children of the future being the strength of this great country. 

At the event, which brought together patients, healthcare professionals, and esteemed dignitaries, Mr. Rahman announced his forthcoming song dedicated to the UAE. This musical creation is a result of a collaborative effort with Burjeel Holdings. 

Mr. Rahman, globally celebrated for his musical innovation, was the cynosure of all eyes at the program that celebrated the spirit of unity and harmony. Speaking at the event, Mr. Rahman said, “The whole idea is creating a song of hope for Burjeel Holdings. This is a song for the UAE to honor everyone who is selflessly working. The world needs hope today. I hope the song brings peace, understanding, and joy. My prayers to all the people who need to get healed in this hospital,” said the maestro, who thanked the Firdaus Orchestra for their performance. 

“Firdaus Orchestra is an attempt to have an original entity from Expo City, Dubai. They are the pride of the UAE,” he added.  

The carefully curated repertoire resonated with the audience, creating a symphony that echoed the values of harmony and cultural diversity. After a powerful rendition of the UAE National Anthem, the musicians performed a specially curated list of songs, including Danse, Baroque Flamenco, Ourzazate, Ecstasy of Gold, and Spirit of Rangeela. 

The special treat mesmerized patients undergoing treatment at the hospital as diverse musicians from varied backgrounds converged to create a symphony of unity. “Amid challenging times, this musical celebration was a source of solace and inspiration. It was a healing experience, reminding me of our shared humanity and the strength in our community,” said Abdul Rahman, who was undergoing treatment at BMC.  

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Founder and Chairman of Burjeel Holdings, shared his reflections. He said, “Today, on the 52nd National Day of the UAE, I want to thank A.R. Rahman and the Firdaus Orchestra. Today, we stand tall in this dome without forgetting the Covid heroes and martyrs of this country. We want to thank the leaders of this country for giving us a chance to serve the people of this great country.”  As the final notes echoed through the transformed spaces of Burjeel Medical City, ‘Singing for the Children of Zayed’ left an indelible mark on the audience, exemplifying the enduring power of music to unite and uplift spirits.