UAE: How to stay Covid-safe as summer travel opens up

Khaleej Times Report

Covid-19 re-infection is becoming increasingly common among residents as summer travel and pre-pandemic activities are rising, according to UAE doctors. Medical practitioners advise people on protecting themselves against the recent rise in positive cases.

Dr Mohamed Elsayed Ramadan, Medical Director, Burjeel Farha Hospital, Al Ain, says, “You must maintain the same precautions directed by the health authorities. Currently, many people are traveling abroad. Eligible people should get a booster dose before travel.

“Also, it is advised to do a routine PCR test before departure and after arrival. If you have any symptoms, it is better to isolate yourself, do a PCR test, follow the doctor’s instructions, and avoid contact with elderly people or someone who is immunocompromised.” Ramadan adds.

Doctors emphasise regular testing is more important than ever before as immunity from vaccines recedes after a certain point of time.

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