UAE Public Prosecution Signs Cooperation Agreement with Burjeel Holdings to Enhance Healthcare Services 

The UAE Public Prosecution has signed a cooperation agreement with Burjeel Holdings to advance healthcare services for its employees and their families. The collaboration involves the establishment and management of an emergency and first aid clinic at the Public Prosecution headquarters, designed to deliver swift medical assistance and consultations at the clinic or through the seamless transfer of cases to the Group’s network of specialized hospitals.

The comprehensive agreement encompasses a dedicated medical team offering first aid services and vital signs examination, with a particular focus on addressing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, the partnership ensures the provision of essential support for emergencies and the supply of emergency medications during working hours at the main headquarters of the UAE Public Prosecution.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Salem Ali Al Zaabi, Head of Human and Financial Resources Management at the UAE Public Prosecution, Mr. Omran AlKhoori, Member of the Board of Directors and President of Business Development, Burjeel Holdings.

On the sidelines of the event, Mr. Salem Ali Al Zaabi emphasized that this collaboration is aligned with the UAE Public Prosecution’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services to its members and visitors. 

“The aim is to address any emergency or critical cases, Allah forbid, as quickly as possible, ensuring the well-being and comfort of everyone involved. UAE Public Prosecution is dedicated to ensuring the utmost comfort for its members and associates, aiming to achieve the targets set by the UAE government in enhancing employee and customer happiness. This involves reinforcing the core and additional service systems in the work environment, aligning with the wise leadership’s vision to promote happiness and positivity for both employees and associates,” said Mr. Salem Ali Al Zaabi.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Omran Al-Khouri stated, “We are delighted to formalize this agreement with the UAE Public Prosecution, recognizing the invaluable services it extends to its employees and families. This collaboration will undoubtedly elevate the standard of healthcare within the community. By fostering a secure environment and delivering top-tier care services, we align ourselves with the visionary leadership’s aspirations, contributing to the realization of their forward-looking healthcare vision.”The agreement outlines Burjeel Holdings’ involvement in managing the first aid clinic within the facilities of the UAE Public Prosecution, providing essential medical services for the prosecution’s members and their families, along with medical consultations for patients.