What is Burjeel Holdings’ growth strategy?

Burjeel Holdings’ growth strategy is focused on a number of key areas:

  • Ramping up of growth assets

The Group intends to increase patient volumes in its medium-growth and high-growth assets by increasing in-patient capacity utilisation, together with increased out-patient capacity utilisation offering a significant upside.

  • Increasing patient yield

In addition to expanding the range of services provided at its medical facilities, the Group also intends to optimise the utilisation and revenue-generating capabilities of its existing services and facilities, thereby maximising patient yield. The Group will also continue to develop and enhance its complementary long-term care and rehabilitation services that are provided through Burjeel Darak and its central diagnostics and radiology services that are provided through Co-Lab.

  • Operational excellence

The Group intends to continue to focus on enhancing its patients’ experience through the provision of personalised care underpinned by a strong digital backbone that optimises operational performance.The Group will continue to invest in its systems and controls, centralisation of services and upgrades of the digital capabilities to ensure that they drive best practice across its operations and support the continued delivery of high-quality services while also enhancing efficiencies and profitability.

  • Geographic expansion

In addition to continued organic growth, over the next five years, the Group intends to expand its portfolio in the Middle East and Africa, and particularly the KSA, by entering into joint ventures, partnerships and similar arrangements with strong, local partners.