Burjeel Holdings is a leading private healthcare services provider in MENA and one of the largest in the UAE, providing the highest standard of healthcare delivery and patient management across a network of hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies and allied services.

About Burjeel Holdings:

  • Burjeel Holdings has a unique vision and strategy focused on quality and clinical excellence built around an unmatched patient offering and diversification
  • Since its founding in 2007, Burjeel Holdings has grown to a network of 61 assets, including 39 medical centers and hospitals
  • Burjeel Holdings is one of the largest private healthcare providers in the UAE with a total of 1,660 patient beds.
  • Burjeel Holdings treated 104,965 in-patients in 2021, representing a 17% in-patient market share-the leading position in the UAE-and treated 4.8 million out-patients
  • Burjeel Holdings operates the UAE’s largest private hospital, Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2020, and is the only European Society for Medical Oncology-accredited cancer center in the UAE
  • Burjeel Holdings possesses world-class clinical expertise and research capabilities, with a focus on complex specialties to ensure stable and sustainable growth
  • In the UAE, Burjeel Holdings’ largest market, total healthcare expenditure is expected to increase from U.S. $18.0 billion in 2021 to U.S. $34.0 billion in 2031
  • For the year ended 31 December 2021, the Group’s revenue was AED 3,351 million and EBITDA was AED 779.1 million, representing a 2019-21 CAGR of 17.7 per cent and 36.5 per cent, respectively
  • Burjeel Holdings has invested over AED 4.2 billion in capex from inception to 2021

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