Burjeel Holdings continues to focus on minimizing the environmental impact of its operations, with dedicated site programs related to greenhouse gas reduction, waste management and reducing other impacts. The group complies with all applicable legal and regulatory environmental standards to best serve patients, visitors, employees and the environment, following best practice in the management of energy usage and consumption, and the disposal of waste.

The group aims to achieve:

  • Carbon neutrality by 2030
  • Sustainable use and re-use of water by 2030
  • Zero waste to landfill by 2030

Recently completed environmental projects include:

  • Fully automated HVAC operation: Complete HVAC operations from chiller plant to the field units are operated through the logical program in the BMS system. This ensures staging of Chillers, pumps, AHUs, FAHUs, FCUs etc. to minimum required load based on actual demand.
  • Centralized solar water heating system: Centralized solar water heater system includes solar collector panels at the roof level of all the towers.